University of Great Falls Lacrosse Takes the Field

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On Saturday, September 28th, the University of Great Falls Men’s Lacrosse team took the field for the first time against an opponent. The team hosted the University of Montana Grizzlies for a scrimmage, which the Grizzlies ended up winning by a score of 19-16. This was a historic event for the college, for Great Falls, and for lacrosse in Montana.

This morning I talked to UGF Head Coach, Bryan Jenkins, to hear his thoughts about how his young program is doing and to check in on some of the Montana high school products stepping onto the field for the Argos this spring.

'13-'14 UGF Argos Men's Lacrosse

’13-’14 UGF Argos Men’s Lacrosse

What did you learn about your team yesterday?

The big thing is that they never quit. We had some injuries and only were able to play with 14 guys, but they played their hearts out.

Is that something that you’ve been trying to focus on as a coach, or is that something that they figured out on their own?

We told them it would be a tough game and they were going to be tired and sore afterwards, but it’s tough to teach heart and toughness and so I think that really came from the guys.

What else is coming up for UGF this fall?

We’ll be heading to the fall ball tournament in Missoula in a few weeks. We should have four games out there. After that we’ll just have another week of practice, sort of a re-cap, and then they will just be running or lifting five days per week after fall ball. They’re lifting now three days per week, and then we have a wall ball program set up for them. I’m sure they will get out and run some captain’s practices too.

How has the University support been so far?

It’s been awesome. At the game yesterday I think we had a number of the other athletic teams out there supporting, a lot of faculty and staff coming to look too. It’s been really great around campus and people seem to be excited about it.

How about the community support?

In the past two weeks I think we’ve been on TV three or four times and in the newspaper three or four times. It’s been really incredible how the community supports the University. We also went out to Cascade Elementary School, which is about 30 miles from campus, and we took 6 or 7 guys out there for an after school program. They invited us out and we had our guys playing some lacrosse with the kids, we talked about the importance of school. More than anything we just had fun, the kids had a lot of fun, and it was a neat time. We’re planning on going back there in November. We’ve also got some stuff going on in Great Falls, playing with Elementary level kids.

How did your Montana players play?

I think Al Plant played incredible. He’s been doing great at practice, but you know the games are different, and once he stepped out there it just clicked. He’s a great kid too – great attitude and great student. Sal got to play in goal the second half and played really had. We had Tristan play some short stick d-middie, which you know is new to him, but he’s got a great attitude and just wants to help the team. I think with his attitude and work ethic, he’ll be a great player for us.


Sal Principe Sr. was also able to send over some great photos from the scrimmage:

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If you want to learn more about the scrimmage, you can check out the report on the UGF Athletics site by CLICKING HERE.