Ten Days For Ten Sticks

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My good friend, Alex Alviar, sent over a note today that he wants to share with the world… 10sticks Lacrosse is one of the best lacrosse stories around. Take a look at their video, check out their website, and seriously consider donating a little something to their cause. They are growing the game not just by introducing the sport to new players, 10sticks is redefining the sport. Check it out!


Watch the video by clicking the link below:

Ten Days For Ten Sticks


And read this note from Alex:

Every once in awhile it’s important to swing for the fence.  It’s important to take a shot at the moon.  Why?  Because big endeavors bring out the best in us.  They make us grow beyond our day to day limits of what we think can and cannot be done.Wanna know what the first person said to us when we proposed to start a lacrosse program for the local youth?“Good luck, you won’t get anybody to do anything around here.”  But we swung for the fence anyways.

We hustled and made our own luck happen.  And here we are today, three years later, contending with bigger and more established teams and having produced the first two Native American All-State lacrosse players in Montana history.  We have been blessed by all of your support.

We’re alive as an organization today because we keep trying to do what has never been done.  Last year, it was Creator’s Game Lacrosse Camp when we brought two Iroquois lacrosse players, Faith Keeper Dao Joa Dre Delmor Jacobs and Kevin Sandy, to share the game and its traditional roots with our kids on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

This year, it’s reversed.  We have been invited to send four of our players on a pilgrimage back to the motherland of lacrosse, The Iroquois Confederacy of the Six Nations, to play against and learn from the people who have gifted this game to the rest of the world.  This is an important story to tell and we want to document this journey.  Swing for the fence.  Take a shot at the moon.  We need plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and a videographer to make this happen.  We need to rally our resources.  We need you.

On May 1st, Ten Sticks Lacrosse will launch TEN DAYS FOR TEN STICKS, a rapid fire crowd funding campaign on to raise funds for this film and this trip.

Here’s what we need you to do:

1) Check out this video (4.5 min)

2) Visit our website at and subscribe to our email list.  We won’t share your email.  It should take no more than three clicks.3) You are a powerful network.  When the campaign goes live on May 1st, back us financially or back us socially by sharing the campaign link through your network and posting it wherever you think amazing people will see it and do amazing things with it.We are 2 days away from the launch and the countdown has begun.  Join us for TEN DAYS FOR TEN STICKS and help us swing for the fence and do what has never been done.Alex

P.S.  See you at !

Ten Days for Ten Sticks, May 1—May 10

On Wednesday May 1 Ten Sticks Lacrosse will be launching a rapid fire crowdfunding rally on Indiegogo, Ten Days for Ten Sticks. TDTS will fund trips to send the entire team to the State Championship playoffs in Bozeman, and four of our players on a pilgrimage from the Flathead Indian Reservation to the motherland of lacrosse, The Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. There they will compete against and learn from the people who gave us this game. Funds will also support phase 1 of a short documentary film that captures the stories of the first ten teenage boys from the Flathead Indian Reservation who have stepped forward to bring this traditional Native game to the kids in their community. Campaign backers can receive unique traditional Native game sets that are harvested and hand carved by our players and community members. Follow along with us as our crowdfunding campaign will travel to games and the ever important River Honoring 2013 where Ten Sticks players will spend two days sharing lacrosse with hundreds of 4th graders from all over the Flathead Indian Reservation.