Thanks to Kendall Photography for the sweet pic!

Sun or Snow, The Season is Here

0 - Published March 26, 2013 by in High School

The Montana high school boys spring season has been rolling for 2 weeks now and I’ve finally found some time to share a few notes about the games so far. It’s been an exciting start, with lots of close games, some intense weather, and lots of new faces out on the field. I’ve already coached six games, between my Varsity and JV teams, and I can definitely say that the whole state has kicked it up a notch this season…

Thanks to Kendall Photography for the sweet pic!

Thanks to Kendall Photography for the sweet pic!


Game Results:

3/14 – Big Sky (3) vs Sentinel (11)

3/16 – Hellgate (12) vs Sentinel (1)

3/16 – Hellgate JV (6) vs Big Sky (9)*

3/21 – Sentinel (5) vs 10sticks (3)

3/22 – Hellgate (15) vs Big Sky (3)

3/23 – Hellgate JV (4) vs 10sticks (6)*

3/23 – Big Sky (7) vs Billings (6) – 3OT

3/23 – Sentinel (4) vs Billings (1)

3/24 – Hellgate JV (5) vs Sentinel (6)*

3/24 – Hellgate (9) vs 10sticks (7)


* JV vs Varsity designated teams do not count towards standings. This is the first year Montana has had any JV teams and I think that my boys got a lot of good experience from playing these Varsity teams. The Varsity teams also had a good chance to let some of their bench players get quality game time minutes and that will help them develop as the season progresses.


My notes and observations:


– Playing lacrosse on a frozen field in single digit weather is not that fun… standing on the sidelines coaching instead of running around is even worse.


– If you wait about 10 minutes on any given spring day in Montana, the weather will change.


– Always wear that extra layer when you go out in the morning, and don’t forget coffee (again!)


– Brooms are better for clearing fields than shovels, if it’s the pow-pow.


– Blue paint and colored balls have become a permanent addition to my Game Day Box.


– A good table crew can help a lot… a bad crew is just bad.


– The refs also have not been on the field in a while… but like the players, they get better every game… keep calm and lax on…


– Brogan Ballard is a natural born official and he can call my game anytime.


– Billings seems to have a lot more players this year, and some of them are even LaxAllStars.

LaxAllStars are everywhere!

LaxAllStars are everywhere!

– 10sticks has a lot more players this year… and they still have Big Dan and Al.


– For whatever reason, there seem to be a number of surprisingly good goaltenders this year.


The weekend ended with some really spectacular weather, so my girlfriend and I enjoyed one of my favorite drives to Lincoln for dinner… saw about 300 elk in 3 different herds, about 300 deer in one field, and a dozen big horn sheep all from the car… where the heck were these things during the fall when I was tromping around in the woods trying to fill my freezer??

Pretty blurry, but I took it with my phone from a car. It's elk, trust me.

Pretty blurry, but I took it with my phone from a car. It’s elk, trust me.