sometimes you gotta panaramit

Rhino Road Trip Rumblings

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I’ve been on the road for the past week with the Rhino Lacrosse crew and it’s time to share some news and notes…

– MP and I were able to get a great 20-mile hike in at Glacier Park and an overnight at Gunsight Lake, prior to the start of the Bozeman Academy. We brought our sticks and likely became the first people to play lacrosse in the backcountry at Glacier. We found a few great walls. Everyone we passed on trail recognized the sport (and likely thought that we were nuts). Also, one G.O.A.T. met another goat.

MP on the trail above Gunsight Lake

MP on the trail above Gunsight Lake

– RP is now a fly fishing addict after just one 8-hour session outside Bozeman. I am not surprised at all.


– Rhino road crew rolls hard. After crushing 4 days in Bozeman (on top of the rest of the summer) they drove straight to McMinneville, Oregon, and arrived around 6 AM. These dudes are working hard.


– The Bozeman Academy went great. Kids were pumped and learned a lot, the staff had a ton of energy, the weather was good overall, and there was a real family atmosphere. The Powells were able to spread some of their passion for the game to kids who really embraced it and also get to spend a little time exploring and relaxing under the Big Sky, definitely a win-win scenario.


– Hawk, Hawk, Hawk, Hawk


– The new Rhino t-shirts are very comfy (you should maybe order one) and one looks a lot like a dream I have often. MP & KFM Productions also have about twenty “Big Johnson” level works on the back burner.


– Saturday’s scheduled activities at Rhino University are off the hook. These kids are in for a serious treat… I hope my camera can catch the action. I might have to panaramit.


Stay tuned!

sometimes you gotta panaramit

sometimes you gotta panaramit