Outlaws Photo Drop

0 - Published July 28, 2013 by in Pro

I’m in Denver this weekend with a high school team that I coach in Montana and today we were able to watch the Outlaws host the Chesapeake Bayhawks. My assistant coach, Brandon Kendall, worked his charm and landed a press pass for the game. Below are some of his photos from the game, enjoy!

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A few of my personal observations.

– The game went by too quickly. I can’t put my finger exactly on what the problem was, but I felt like the whole production was a little rushed… Outlaws staff and game atmosphere is still tops in the league, no doubt.

– Where was the Chesapeake counter-run? They go up early and owned the tempo, then when Denver started bouncing back they looked totally unprepared. Did they not have a game plan for that happening? How do all those talented veteran coaches and players not come up with a new game plan? I told my players who were watching after the 3rd quarter ended that they would be sure to see Powell and Grant playing the 2-man game in the 4th, but the Bayhawks never tried it… and struggled to generate shots… hmmmm

– Denver solidified that they are unbeatable this year, in my mind. They really didn’t have a great game overall and they still beat probably the second best team in the league. Their midfield dodging is incredibly prolomatic for defenses. Greer didn’t play a huge factor during the game today, but I saw a lot of potential from him playing midfield while watching the Outlaws practice Friday night. They just have so many guys who are hot right now and great team chemistry.

– Lacrosse fans who live in communities where professional lacrosse in being played need to support those teams. Every player in those areas should be at every game, there is no way that you won’t learn something new or find another way to get better. It’s entertaining and also important for our sport to grow.