Going Camping

0 - Published July 10, 2013 by in Lifestyle, Uncategorized

It’s summertime and that means I’m going camping!


The whirlwind spring season is over and the dust has settled. I was just able to have my phone off for two full weeks of vacation, but now it’s time to get moving… it’s camp time! My Montana summers are filled with two kinds of camping – working on the summer lax camp circuit, and logging trail miles to sleep out under the stars. The next few weeks will have a little of both.


This weekend I get to show off some of the best parts of Montana to some of the best lacrosse players that I know. It will rock on many levels.


Monday morning I’m looking forward to being at the start of the first ever Rhino Lacrosse Academy in Bozeman, Montana. I can’t wait to see all the energy that the Montana boys will bring! Then next week it’s off to Oregon for the Rhino University at Linfield College and then the Rhino Academy in Bend.


The past five years I’ve gone ‘back east’ to work the summer camp circuit. I’ve had a lot of great experiences and have had the opportunity to work with many of the game’s most talented players. I’ve made great connections and friends and I’ve been able to bring the things that I learned back to players here in Montana – which has always been important to me. Always steal from the best.

But this year I’m excited to be a part of the Western camp experience. I’ve hosted my own camps in Montana and I always appreciate the way that players out here demand a lot from their staff – they are hungry to learn and you have to keep delivering all day. They don’t sign up for lacrosse camp to get a cool pair of shorts or to stuff themselves silly with candy late night in the dorms with their friends – the kids here sign up for lacrosse camp to do work.


Look out on the field next spring for the kids who will be pushing themselves in Bozeman, in McMinneville, and in Bend during the next few weeks… they’re the ones who will be running right past you.


Charge on.