Don’t Compromise The Process

0 - Published September 18, 2013 by in Lifestyle, Uncategorized

Don’t compromise the process.

It’s about the journey more than it’s about the destination.

Embrace the obstacles as challenges to overcome.

Keep moving forward.

Be better tomorrow than you are today.


A good hunter will spend hours looking at maps. He will scout, and study, and slowly let the world around him disappear until all that exists are the sounds of the forest and the soft thump of his heart beating. When it happens there is a connection – the Moment is not a sudden action – it is the culmination of everything that was put in.

The world gives back what you put into it. The game does the same.

I will always tell young players to pick something specific to work on in the off-season and try to turn a strength into a weakness. I trace this idea back to when I was growing up in Chicago watching how MJ always responded to critics. They said he could only score – so he became the defensive player of the year. They said he couldn’t make the people around him better – then he won six rings.

These changes didn’t come overnight, they came from countless hours of hard work and an eye that focused on the next step.

For young players, it is important to remember that lacrosse is a teaching game – it’s about the process and not just about the end result. The wisdom that is woven into the lessons of the game are all we need, but you can’t compromise the process if you want to be a great player. You can’t fake your way to the back of the net, and that’s no way to live your life. It’s not about ‘the grind’ because playing lacrosse is fun, but it is hard work to challenge yourself towards greatness.

You have to give yourself to the game before it will give back to you.