Treat yourself to this one, you deserve it

180 Forward

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A few days before I left for the Convention in Philadelphia, MP sent me an email and mentioned that I should watch a documentary on Netflix. The morning that I took off from Missoula, I woke up early and dove into 180 South. I’m not going to get into the movie too much, but if you like adventure, travel, nature, beauty, this planet, climbing, or surfing, you would probably love this story.

Treat yourself to this one, you deserve it

This movie gets you thinking, and now that it’s been a week I am starting to see connections everywhere – even in lacrosse.


“In these far corners of the world I’m seeing the effects of encroaching progress, and most of this has to do with over-consumption elsewhere. It’s easy for us to blindly consume when we don’t see the effects on other places” – Jeff Johnson


One of the hardest obstacles to overcome in starting new lacrosse programs in areas where it doesn’t exist is to find and pay for equipment. Since I started playing lacrosse I’ve only seen prices go up, and sometimes quality go down. This is market driven, consumer driven, and its effects are making it harder to GTG.


What do you need to play lacrosse? What do you want? All you need is a stick, all you want is everything else. Everyone who plays the game of lacrosse has played it purely at some point, but how often is that the case? If you have a stick, you have a good friend, and you have the game. Is the game more fulfilling when it is filled with all this other noise?


“In response to people who say, well you can’t go back – What happens when you get to the cliff and you take one step forward, or you do a 180 degree turn and take one step forward? Which way are you going? Which is progress?” –  Doug Tompkins, founder of The North Face


I don’t know if we’re at the cliff yet, but I think we’ve already jumped off a few…

I’m not talking about gear here, I’m talking about the game…

What experiences in the game really shape you as a player? A lot of accomplished athletes would say that their most memorable moment was winning a championship, or a big game. But did that experience influence them more than a game of catch with their best friend, or a new friend, or when they were first learning the game? Was it more significant than a time on the wall? Which was more fun, really?


“The solution, maybe, for a lot of the world’s problems may be to turn around and take a forward step” – Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia


I try and think about the seven generations (or more) as much as I can. Where we are in the world today may seem like everything, but without the past and without the future we can’t really understand ourselves. We are lost.


Rule changes, recruiting trends, select teams, officials complaining, parents complaining, kids want more, coaches want more, gotta get new gear, gotta get that scholarship… lots and lots of focus on the individual in the now. But didn’t we create all this ourselves? If it’s overwhelming or there is a problem, can’t we just turn around and take a forward step? And more importantly, aren’t there a lot more serious issues out there in the world that we should concern ourselves with? Can’t we just let the game be a game?


I find myself all the time in lacrosse. Do you? Have you ever been playing and known exactly who you are, even for a moment? That’s a powerful thing.


Excuse me –  I need to go out and find a wall…


*If you enjoyed this little post, you should check out the movie (180 South), because the main purpose of writing this was to recommend the film.